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This article covers how you can leverage the NocTel inbound behavior to require a prompt from the caller before they are connected to your main inbound routing. This can be useful if you receive a large number of robocalls and want to limit them from reaching your team. 

Most robocall use auto-dialers and only connect a real person to the call after you have answered and spoken. By requiring a prompt before the call rings your staff can help stop some robocalls. Keep in mind that implementing this solution will require that anyone calling will have to press a key to connect. 

Step-by-step guide

The best practice in implementing this solution will be to create a new virtual extension that the number reaches first. It will require that you have a pre-recorded message that can play to prompt callers to press a key. You can view the following article on making a recording if you do not already know how.

  1. Create a recording that can be used to prompt callers.
  2. Create a new virtual extension, and name it accordingly.
  3. Click edit in the Inbound behavior widget.

  4. Set Step 1 to “Play a recording” and select the recording you created from the drop-down list. 

  5. Check the box for “Allow caller to input a menu option during the above steps.”

  6. Select the button control that matches the message in the audio recording and set the action as “Transfer to Extension”.
  7. For the section labeled “Which extension?” you will need to select the extension that your number is currently routed to. This is the extension the caller will be sent to if they enter the desired prompt. 

  8. Click Submit.
  9. Once the new control is saved click “Numbers” in the main left-hand menu

  10. From the list of numbers in the account, click on the number you wish to add the new robocall blocking prompt. 
  11. Use the dropdown box for Route to Extension and select the new extension you created in the above steps. 

  12. Click Submit.

With the new routing saved, an inbound call to the number will reach the “Robocall Blocker” control first and if the correct prompt is entered it will be forwarded to the normal routing of the number. A separate “Robocall Blocker’ control will need to be created for any number you want to add the control to.