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Use this guide to provision a Valcom VE8090R as a generic SIP extension in your NocTel account. 

Create a Generic SIP Extension:

  1. In the control panel Click Extension.
  2. Click Add a new Extension.
  3. Locate the Generic SIP Device area and click Add Device.
  4. Give the extension a name and number by click the pencil icon. Click the Save button when finished. 
  5. At the bottom of the page under the section “How to Configure Your Generic SIP device” you will find the information that will need to be entered into the VE8090R’s GUI for the device to connect to noctel.

Input the SIP Credentials in the VE8090R

  1. Login and access the GUI for the VE8090R.
  2. Ensure your VE8090R is correctly configured on the network including IP, Subnet, Gateway and DNS servers.
  3. Navigate to the SIP tab for the SIP Intercom Controller.
  4. Enter the following information in the corresponding fields:

    VE8090R Fields

    NocTel Generis SIP credentials

    Authentication Name

    NocTel SIP Username


    NocTel SIP Password

    SIP Server - Primary

    NocTel SIP Host

    Keep Alive Timers (secs)


    VE8090R's GUI

  5. Click Apply in the VE8090R’s GUI.
  6. Let the device reboot. It should now show as online in the NocTel Control panel.