Accessing Detailed Call Logs For Your Office and International Calling

Accessing Detailed Call Logs For Your Office and International Calling
One of the most important aspects of running any business is the level of customer service provided to those who purchase products or services from that particular company. If a customer calls to complain about something or a phone call didn't go exactly right, the NocTel VoIP system can bring up the call logs to be reviewed. As the IT professional in charge of the phone systems at your office, the manager or business owner will likely ask you to complete this task for them.

Accessing Detailed Call Logs
Accessing detailed call logs is relatively simple. First, log into the control panel and navigate towards the "call log section". Hover over the selection with your mouse and click the link. The detailed call logs should come up and you can begin to print them.

If you don't want all of the call logs, you can filter the logs by date, time, disposition and length. Once you've filtered the call logs, you can then print the logs and use them if any one-on-one customer service coaching is needed at a later date.

As a company, NocTel tracks and stores every call so that users can access the calls at a later date.

International Calling
At some point, you'll likely have to conduct business with people located overseas. Unlike most cell phone carriers who block calls heading overseas because of cost issues, the NocTel system allows users to review international calling rates and make their call as needed. No phone number blocking is necessary and rates are affordable.

It's best to remember that the international calling feature does not work until the phone system administrator calls NocTel support to request that the international feature is not blocked for the office phone.

NocTel provides up-to-date call logs for every account as a way for administrators to keep track of phone expenses, how many minutes are being used by each employee and whether or not employees are calling personal numbers on a regular basis.

As a leading provider of business VoIP communication systems the northwest part of the United States, customers can enjoy clear and crisp phone service for affordable monthly prices.