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Key Features for Schools

Feature Icon e911 notifications

E911 Notifications

Notify key staff members such as the superintendent, principal and others in critical moments to make sure the right people are alerted.

Feature Icon remote capability

Remote Capability

Remote Capability to force phone system closure due to emergency, inclement weather, etc. on top of normal schedule availability.

Feature Icon oetc contract

OETC Contract

NocTel was awarded the OETC contract (State of Oregon) to fast track proposals - no bidding necessary.

Feature Icon configure by building

Configuration by Building

Configuration fully manageable by Technology/IT department for each school/building, limited to no direct access to web app configuration necessary.

Feature Icon paging system

Paging Systems

Paging devices can be integrated into a NocTel account to work with the paging feature on Polycom and other handsets

One vendor

One vendor for multiple projects

We understand many schools are using very legacy systems for phones and likely a similar age for intercom/paging solutions. These systems are hard to maintain, prone to failure that is expensive to repair, and tend to be very rigid in terms of capability. Education is also typically on bond, which makes budget a point that is carefully tended over. Coming in at a lower price point and with the help of contracts like OETC, we typically price considerably lower than the competition while bringing all expected features. Few competitors also bring their own paging solution, which makes NocTel a strong choice when planning longer term to gradually update communications in school districts.

Additional features for education

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Overall Communications Strategy Design

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On-site Installation

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Paging and Intercom Solutions

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Fax Machine Adapters

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E911 Call Notifications

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Education Budget Conscious

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