Take NocTel on the Go: Softphone App Announcement

A softphone option has been a consistent top inquiry and feature request we've received from customers for quite a while. We're excited to formally announce that NocTel Go is now available to take your service on the move with you on both Android and iOS!

NocTel Go can be used by new and existing customers to take your availability on a physical handset in the office with you on your mobile device, or can be used for business use without the handset - whichever suits your needs best. Here's a quick list of features:

Basic Features

* Call in or out as if you were in the office including dialing other extensions

* Call forwarding or dual ring from your physical handset to NocTel Go on your mobile device

* Incoming calls via push to conserve battery life

* Same attended and unattended transfer capability, call conferencing

* Roaming between WiFi and Cellular

Advanced Features

* Call recording

* Ability to change office call routing with the push of a button

Check out NocTel Go on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.