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Residential broadband Internet solution

You deserve an affordable broadband service, no matter if you live or work in the city or the mountains.

NocTel Fiber Network

We provide a fast and reliable solution

We are working to provide fast broadband Internet to neighborhoods that do not currently have options for fast Internet access. As local residents ourselves, we know how frustrating using slow Internet can be. Therefore, our most basic 50Mbps tier is enough for most people to work from home, game, stream HD television and more.


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Symmetrical Bandwidth

Symmetrical (Synchronous) Bandwidth provides the same upload speed as download speed

Our fiber optic services are synchronous and are different from typical DSL, Coax, Satellite or Wireless options. When we provide 50Mbps, that means you can use up to 50 Megabits per second both up (sending) and down (receiving). This kind of connectivity is ideal to work, educate and entertain from home.


Fiber Pricing

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Same speed for uploads and downloads


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*Taxes, fees and setup charges may apply. Service restrictions may also apply.

The NocTel Fiber Network began in January 2018 when property owners started talking about the current Internet situation in numerous neighborhoods surrounding rural Clark County, Washington. Abysmal, hopeless and slow were some of the words used to describe their current Internet services. After reaching out to many local providers about obtaining their broadband and to ask for assistance, no help came.

It was time to take charge and build a network, and that is exactly what started the NocTel Fiber Network.

After considering many options on how to provide Internet services, fiber optic cable was determined to be the fastest and most reliable solution for our area. The NocTel Fiber Network currently has miles of fiber optic cable installed with plans to expand our network throughout the Clark County area.

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If you are experiencing issues with slow Internet or unresponsive providers, contact us to let us know you're interested in NocTel Fiber coming to your neighborhood.


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