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Native fast, beautiful, and portable reporting for NocTel services and products

Seeing clearer with Insight

NocTel Insight aims to perform most of the analytic effort for you

Often usage data answers a narrow set of anticipated questions relating to minute usage, call volume, and which individuals are using services most or least. However, there exists a whole realm of unasked questions to be uncovered that doesn’t present itself upfront where relationships might not be readily apparent. Insight provides a window into both the commonly sought after metrics as well as correlated relationships between metrics to perform most of the analytic effort for you.


Key features of NocTel Insight

NocTel Insight includes

Feature Icon account management

User Federation

Control access within the organization for infosec best practices

Feature Icon mobile friendly

Mobile Friendly

Take reporting anywhere you have internet connectivity - Insight lives on the internet and can be accessed from any connected device

Feature Icon paging system

Robust Standard Reporting

Powerful out-of-box standard reporting so you don’t have to spend effort on analysis

Feature Icon export

Export in Multiple Formats

Portability to popular formats like Excel (CSV), PDF, and Powerpoint to export reporting for further analysis outside of Insight or to include in business reports

Feature Icon data visualization

Data Visualization

Reporting presented in conducive visualizations to inform and impress

Feature Icon intelligent filtering

Real-time Filtering

Separate the needle from the hay with powerful filtering capability in real-time

Feature Icon slipstream migration

Intelligent Filtering

Prevents data clutter by using intelligent filtering to display only option values that are still relevant

Feature Icon personalized report

Personalized Reporting

Create personalized or shared pre-configured views to make returning to a relevant perspective fast and easy for yourself and others

Feature Icon quality support

Quality Support

The same stellar NocTel support team to field your questions and requests

One portal to report them all

NocTel Insight delivers web-based access to reporting of all NocTel services and products your organization is subscribed to. Regardless of whether you use a single NocTel service like Talk or use them all, Insight is the single portal to reporting for all.


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