NocTel Alert

A modernized, flexible paging solution

Integrate intercom and paging into your communication systems


Key features of NocTel Alert

Feature Icon slipstream migration

PoE Solution

PoE enabled speakers receive data and power over a single cable, cutting out the need for other wires.

Feature Icon direct extension

Powerful Integration

Integration with NocTel Talk allows users to make announcements from an enabled VoIP device.

Feature Icon high quality audio

Bell Scheduler

Easily manage bell schedules through web-controls offer several options for organizations that need scheduled bells or alerts.

Feature Icon web based portal

Web-Based Controls

Easy and powerful web control with the NocTel control panel and Algo's built-in web controls.

Feature Icon call routing

Flexible Solution

NocTel uses Algo speakers that come in an array of different types to fit your organization's needs.

Feature Icon noise cancelling

HD Sound

Hear the difference with HD Voice

Feature Icon Flexible User Accounts


Paging across multiple speakers

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Two-way audio when dialing specific speakers from NocTel Talk phones.

Feature Icon paging system

Paging Zone

Assign and group speakers into zones that allow easy customization for announcements and bells. Great for organizations with multi-building campuses.

NocTel Alert was born out of a need to replace dying analog paging systems for our existing NocTel Talk customers. NocTel Alert provides a rapidly deployable paging and alert solution that can be installed in a pinch, that can grow with your organization.

NocTel Alert is both powerful and flexible, employing different speaker types to fit the customer's building and needs. NocTel Alert has options to cover a variety of needs. Choose from traditional wall or ceiling mount speaker options to speakers with integrated digital clocks for a centralized time across your campus, or even speakers with LED strobe lights for visual alerts that are ideal for emergency notices.

With NocTel Alert, your announcements come across loud and clear with HD sound technology. No more inaudible or garbled notices that no one can understand.

NocTel Alert can be easily integrated with NocTel Talk, enabling multicast paging to supported SIP devices already in a NocTel account. It can be enhanced further with IP speakers, paging adapters, strobe lights, and intercoms, ensuring sound coverage, in large rooms, hallways, and outside areas.

Don't Have NocTel Talk, no worries, NocTel Alert works as a standalone IP Paging solution. With multiple speaker types, PoE, and HD Sound, NocTel Alert is an excellent choice to bring any organization's paging system to the future with crystal clarity.

VoIP Hardware

NocTel supports most SIP-compliant devices, although we recommend the following hardware for the best results with our services.


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