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NocTel Go lets you take the functionality of VoIP handsets on the move with your smartphone

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Seamless mobile workflow

NocTel Go brings the majority of physical handset functionality for NocTel Talk cloud-hosted VoIP service to Android and iOS mobile devices in a native softphone client. NocTel Go extensions are joined to the account similarly to any other device type, such as physical Polycom handsets and Fax Machine Adapters (FMA); and are managed identically from the NocTel control panel for call routing, voicemail, and more.

By leveraging NocTel Go extensions, frequently mobile workers can manage their work presence seamlessly to receive and place calls without needing to share their actual mobile number on a personal device. Additionally, NocTel Go extensions can be used in place of physical handsets to reduce cost to entry of service for NocTel Talk and make use of existing organizational BYOD policies for personal devices or expand the capability of company issued devices.


Key features of NocTel Go

NocTel Go brings the following functionality for both supported iOS and Android mobile devices

Feature Icon mobile friendly

Expanded Presence

Supplement physical desk phones for highly mobile employees to maintain a virtual presence

Feature Icon competitive pricing

Reduced Cost

Leverage company BYOD policies and/or company issued devices to reduce cost to entry by using NocTel Go extensions in place of physical handsets

Feature Icon web based portal

Easy Management

Manage NocTel Go extensions the same as physical extensions in the NocTel web-based control panel

Feature Icon high quality audio

High Quality Audio

Enjoy wideband (HD voice) quality even on mobile

Feature Icon noise cancelling

Noise Cancelling

Ambient background noise cancelling

Feature Icon direct extension

Direct Extension

Direct extension dial support to call within the account or receive calls

Feature Icon checkbox

Standard Star Support

Support of NocTel Talk standard star (vertical line) codes

Feature Icon voicemail

Voicemail Management

Setup, manage, and retrieve voicemail from the NocTel Go extension

Feature Icon call routing

Expected Functionality

Business phone functionality including cold and warm (attended) transfers, conferencing, and hold

Feature Icon onboarding process

Streamlined organization

Leverage device local contacts and/or NocTel account extensions

Feature Icon camera

Quick provisioning

Simple provisioning via QR code reading from device camera

Feature Icon Flexible User Accounts

Simplified Setup

Reduce network complexity by reducing cabling associated with physical handsets and configuration considerations such as QoS and VLAN segmentation of data and voice

Feature Icon flexible hardware

Flexible Hardware

Use any device compatible headset that includes a microphone, such as Apple Airpods

Softphone extension

Necessary Permissions

NocTel Go requires at a minimum access to the associated mobile device’s microphone, dialer (place and receive phone calls), and camera to function. Without these permissions NocTel Go cannot function appropriately. NocTel Go is only compatible for voice services with NocTel Talk. Other providers are not supported at this time.


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