Announcing NocTel Flow - Your Choice Contact Center Solution

After a long period of research and implementation NocTel has completed the initial release of Flow, our cloud-hosted contact center solution for businesses and organizations - you might've noticed something different lately at the NocTel home page. Though we're a bit embarrassed by it, finding a product name that had that special something to it was one of the aspects of development that eluded us. We'd like to thank our special friend Reed Quinn for giving us the idea for the name and all the "punny" catchphrases we can use that go along with (not to mention we now have a reason to use the Shaka sign in company pictures).

What is Flow?

NocTel Flow is a fully featured cloud-hosted contact center solution that integrates with NocTel's hosted voice services. Since we developed Flow leveraging many of the features found in NocTel's voice platform, the best results leverage NocTel for the underlying voice service with Flow as the contact center software as a service (SaaS).

Like NocTel, Flow was implemented to be agnostic of pricing tiers and the same customer focused analysis with NocTel voice service is present with Flow. We'll work with you to ensure we meet your requirements and much less a matter of your requirements conforming to our feature set.

To avoid confusion, Flow is a separate service that integrates with NocTel voice services. That is, if you are an existing NocTel customer, Flow wouldn't be available by extension - we'd need to work with you to setup a contact center solution that possibly uses NocTel voice services in a separate contract (the voice services supporting Flow) in addition to the agent volume and associated costs for Flow. While Flow services can be added on to an existing NocTel account, it isn't recommended as contact centers are often in a separate business unit of organizations and therefore a separate operating budget or project budget from core organization voice services.

Why Contact Centers and Why Now?

During the time spent researching ways to grow NocTel, we had considered contact centers as viable on the basis they heavily rely on large volumes of agents handling large volumes of calls. That much seemed obvious. What we didn't know initially was how much different contact centers were from how businesses use their lines on a normal basis or what that difference looked like under the hood of things. We were pleasantly surprised to find how much of NocTel's voice platform could be easily adapted to handle contact center functions.

While contact centers and business voice services might seem quite different, there is actually a significant amount the two have in common. Features we developed for Flow are making their way to NocTel VoIP customers because it made sense to implement that way. So by simply going with the Flow, existing NocTel customers will also see new features and improvements (and more low hanging puns).

From what we've learned getting into the thick of contact centers, we've found other possibilities for NocTel to grow that lets us really emphasize the Communications in NocTel Communications. We're excited to the point we've filled several whiteboards worth of ideas for uses, integrations, and products several times over. As our products and operations continue to mature and become more diverse, we can provide an even better level of dedication to you for future services while maintaining our ease of accessibility, billing, and use that has allowed us to continue being your services provider of choice.

Where to Learn More About Flow

To learn more about Flow see its Features page. If you have interest in Flow or want more information regarding deployment, demonstration, etc. let us know at

Like NocTel, we also have a dedicated public knowledge base covering the range of topics from basic setup, use, and how-to articles. Also keep an eye out on our blog and newsletters for more Flow and contact center related content.