Voice over IP Beats Out Plain Old Telephone Service

Voice over IP (VoIP) telephone service has been catching on the last few years by providing more features with less trouble that traditional Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) landlines. With VoIP, you there are a number of advantages that can benefit many small businesses such as ease of use, flexible deployments and easy to make configuration changes. No longer do you need to hire a phone technician to make changes to your phone system or even install new extensions. You're empowered to do all of this yourself as fast as you can log into your provider's web page.

While POTS services run off batteries which makes it fairly reliable during power outages, many of the wires leading from the phone company to your building have been deteriorating for years and have started to exhibit other problems due to their age. Being tied to a physical wired infrastructure also means that to move a phone requires manual wiring changes. With VoIP, you simply plug in your phone to any reliable Internet connection and your extension, phone number and any configurations you have set up follow you.

VoIP allows you to receive multiple calls at once without getting busy signals, which provides flexibility in how you calls are answered as your business grows. It also has the ability to converge multiple physical locations or even mobile extensions in the same account instead of being tied to copper line installations.

Because VoIP is not tied to geographic boundaries, it has a much more competitive marketplace. Not being tied to a POTS provider tends to get better pricing, better features and better customer service.

Since landlines are regulated by the government, they also are imposed various taxes and fees. Since Internet-based phones do not have these fees, pricing is dramatically reduced for line charges as well as long distance termination fees.

VoIP is a great way to save your company money on their phone charges and enhance the features that are available to your employees and customers.