VoIP Essentials for the Small Business Owner

VoIP Essentials for the Small Business Owner
Since the advent of the Internet, it has become easier than ever to expand business opportunities to epic proportions. However, with expansion comes unique issues, and one of those is the ability to keep up with communication with customers. Using VoIP technology, however, you can keep up with these rising demands. There are a few essentials you should understand as you begin implementation of this increasingly popular method.

Understanding Voice Over IP
Unlike traditional telephone lines, VoIP uses the Internet to transmit voices. Using your DSL or high speed cable connection, you are able to connect your phone and keep in touch with customers in real-time at a fraction of the cost of the public switched telephone network.

A Variety of Benefits
Aside from the reduced cost of using VoIP technology, business owners can also take advantage of numerous other benefits including:

Increased reliability as a result of the ever-increasing Internet speeds
Various features that you would normally have to pay extra for using traditional phone lines as well as features unique to VoIP
Call forwarding and caller ID included in base price

How Many Phone Lines Do You Need?
Before making the investment in a VoIP system, you should carefully consider how many phone lines you need. While you will see a cost savings even if you only use one phone line, the amount you save will be even more apparent if you operate multiple lines in your business. You will have to ensure you have Internet connection cable that will reach your phones. If you don't, you can usually have new connection sites installed at a reasonable price, and the investment will quickly pay off.

Proper Backup
As a VoIP-enabled business owner, you must be prepared in the event there is a power outage or the Internet is otherwise compromised. For starters, it is highly recommended that you set up a battery backup that will kick in when power is lost as well as a traditional phone line that can be used when Internet service is interrupted. You should also inquire how to forward calls to an alternate phone number when these situations arise.

Moving Forward With Technology
Today more than ever are we able to work smarter instead of harder. By making the minimal investment in VoIP technology, business owners can truly take their companies to the next level and keep up with the growing competition.