Algo 8201

Door Phone

The 8201 is a PoE SIP intercom in a compact form factor for hands-free two-way voice communication for interior and exterior secured entrances and access points. It is also well suited for other intercom communication in classrooms and offices. The 8201 features door opening control for telephone keypad activation of entry into a secure location or entrance.

The 8201 SIP PoE Intercom is intended for indoor or outdoor locations and can be subjected to spray or weather provided the rear wiring cavity is properly installed.

Wideband G.722 codec support provides optimum speech clarity and intelligibility for critical safety, security or emergency applications where reliable voice communication is a primary consideration.

For maximum convenience, the 8201 allows door unlock control activated by a keypress from the answering device. This requires a relay from the optional 8061 door controller module which can be securely located away from the public facing intercom, or an internal relay on the 8201 is available for door control function with lower security.

Installation and configuration are via a simple intuitive web interface.

Integration with the NocTel Talk service ensures that the 8201 can be configured to communicate with any device, phone or client that is connected to the communication network.

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