Stay and Go With NocTel

Regardless of what state or municipality your organization resides in, many are being affected profoundly by changes in what is currently our "every day." Even well-established organizations may be impacted by inability to provide staff handsets for use at home - whether that is due to an on-premise restricted system, landline handsets, or fear of cost and complexity of service migration.

While we may not make frequent changes to the way our phone systems may behave normally, it's crippling once the ability to quickly and easily reconfigure routing behavior and endpoint configuration is reduced or lost altogether. There is no philosophical question of "if a phone rings in an empty building, is there anyone to answer it?" Without a flexible and mobile friendly solution in place, it becomes very difficult to work with an existing solution to adapt to the reality of today.

NocTel Communications is fully committed and pleased to announce our offer to educational institutions for free NocTel Go mobile softphone extensions for use with NocTel's Talk cloud-hosted voice services. We're here to help.

What Does This Offer Entail?

Normally, customers of NocTel will pay a recurring VoIP Services charge incurred by the number of phone numbers and extensions. Extensions that are billed monthly for service would include things like physical handsets like Polycom desk or conference phones, as well as NocTel Go extensions deployed on individual Android and iOS smartphones. Customers also pay monthly for minutely usage of voice services.

This offer waives the VoIP Services charges for NocTel Go extensions of customer accounts, and applies to both new and existing customers. Your organization will only be charged minutely rates for usage.

Redeeming this offer does not require a service contract or switching voice providers, but the option to port to NocTel is always an option during and once the offer period expires. You can keep your existing voice solution and only use NocTel Go and Talk during this uncertain period. This offer is valid from now until up to 30 days after moratorium on on-campus education and social distancing/self-quarantine mandates at the federal, state, and/or municipal level have been rescinded.

How Does NocTel Go Help My School and District?

NocTel Go is a smartphone app that connects to NocTel's Talk cloud-hosted voice services the same way a physical handset-based extension would. NocTel Go extensions are configured and managed identically to physical extensions, and provide all primary business functionality.

Extensions in NocTel Talk - regardless of whether they are physical or mobile - are uniformly managed through the NocTel Talk web-based control panel. This allows administrators to make on the fly changes to configuration anywhere there is internet access.

NocTel Talk also features extension twinning functionality specifically for remote or mobile staff, which allows a NocTel Go extension to be logically linked to a physical extension without any complicated configuration. Twinned extensions will allow callers to call the physical handset extension and the caller will ring on both the physical handset as well as the configured NocTel Go extension. Twinned extensions will also deliver voicemail to the physical extension's voicemail box. This eliminates confusion and clutter of which voicemail box a caller may have landed in.

NocTel also supports temporary numbers, which can be pointed to from your existing voice solution as a call forward to temporarily deliver callers to NocTel Go extensions. Permanent phone numbers can also be purchased and assigned as DIDs for individual buildings, schools, or individuals as normal.

Last but certainly not least, you will also enjoy the NocTel Support team who will be present every step of the way to assist. Whether that be questions, issues, advice, or even a bit of remote assistance; the Support team stands by to give you a hand - just drop us a line through the NocTel Support email address or give us a call.

What Are Customers Saying?

"At a time when we needed a way for staff to work remotely while communicating as if they were still in the building, NocTel and NocTel Go have been invaluable. In addition to the functionality of the mobile application, being able to configure the entire system remotely via the web interface has been tremendous. NocTel’s willingness to offer this service with no extension charge during the statewide school closure has greatly eased the burden of providing remote options for our staff and students."

-David H., Technology Director, Jefferson County Education Service District

"Thank You for rocking this with such a tight timeline!"

-Gil A., Corvallis School District

"We are loving the heck out of this!"

-Robert W., Director of Technology, Grant County Education Service District

How Do You Get Started?

If your organization or district is interested in this offer, we recommend viewing the full details of this offer at our dedicated NocTel Go for Education page, and contacting us with the requested information.